“Ten Strategies Designed to Help Your Hospital Thrive” #7

Training Family Practice Providers to Think Like Internists

Volume 7 of 10

The role of Family Practice providers has taken a dramatic turn over the last few years. As we shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, organizations need steps in place to manage chronic care patients without overly outsourcing referrals. Many providers will concur that their training did not concentrate on complex care disease process, and have relied on experience to gain the necessary skills to apply to the patient’s higher level of care. Continually educating providers on current best practice measures and growing the provider team to develop guidelines that become standards of care quickly becomes a win-win scenario for quality patient care, patient satisfaction, and prevents outpatient referrals that drive business away from smaller hospitals to tertiary centers. 

This is one of many steps that will improve your organization’s bottom line through appropriate and timely ancillary testing, essentially demonstrating better chronic disease management and reducing progression of disease which will ultimately save money as we shift reimbursement structure. 

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