About QVS Medical Consulting

It’s still the people and the process.  You have the data, what do you do with it?  You understand the metrics, how do you reach them?  How does your team collaborate to exceed sustainable methods in the transition to value based care?  All of this on top of pressing day to day work, while maintaining patient centered care to stand out above the rest.

With our hands-on delivery, we will work with your team to achieve successful and sustainable growth implementation.  We offer the resources and knowledge to facilitate team collaboration while working to identify and implement efficiencies in care, gain provider engagement, and align coding optimization to capture earned revenue.  Our inpatient and outpatient strategies tailor to population management with improving and integrating cardiopulmonary services as a key to that growth.


The consultant team offers a broad specialty base representation of provider group engagement, strategic planning, practice management, deployment of standard work, and culture reform enabling constructive communication interdepartmentally for the betterment of organizational efforts.  We work on-site to help implement the best practices to assure your continued success.

Our service reimbursement allows demonstration of financial acceleration in advance of our return on our investment.